We’ve Been Busy — But It Doesn’t Feel Like Work!

on March 22, 2015

Chicchetti at Antico DoloOf course, when one is eating this good and living in a city as exotic and beautiful as Venice, well… life’s not too hard.

Our week looked like this:

We ate out A LOT.  It’s kind of compulsory, being food tour guides.  It’s our duty.  It’s an inconvenient sacrifice, but we will take on the challenge and press on valiantly.

We gave two food tours.  One lasted 7 hours, one lasted over 12 hours, because everyone was having so much fun, none of us wanted the night to end.

We had three important meetings with local businesses who are interested in collaborating in one way or another.  Three!

That’s not a bad week.  We are very happy with it, and exhausted too!

We are trying to make time to do other things, like work on the apartment — we still have two rooms left unpacked.  We are trying to learn Italian, which has not been an easy task for either of us.  We are trying to get to know this city better, which means a lot of walking when we aren’t walking for work.  I’m trying to cook a little more, to save on expenses, but that takes time as well… Adam is the grocery shopper and he stops at a minimum of four places:  the bakery for bread, the fresh vegetable stand, the regular small grocery store, and usually the pasticceria for something sweet.  Most days it’s more.  And then I have to get creative with cooking, either trying to make standards with some substitutions because they don’t sell certain products here (i.e. jalapenos) or I dive in to completely local cooking, feeling my way through strange-to-me recipes.

Everything I’ve cooked has been delicious, but this was the winner of the week:

Mixed Berry Ricotta Cake


Mixed Berry Ricotta Cake.  What a revelation baking with ricotta is.  I have had ricotta cheesecake before, but never in a “cake.”  It was outstanding and gone from the house in 24 hours.

Again, life isn’t too bad right now!


Pax Tibi