Venice Eatery Spotlight: Antico Forno Pizzeria

on February 5, 2020

Happy World Pizza Day!  We would like to take this occasion to introduce you to one of our favorite pizzerias in Venice — Antico Forno (the Old Oven).  Marco and Anna opened this walk-up window shop in 2001, and there have been steady lines ever since.  It has even made “Top 10 Best Pizza in Italy” lists and that’s saying something!

There are no tables to eat at.  You could get lucky to squeeze in for some standing counter space inside the tiny entryway, but otherwise its stand or walk and eat.

They offer two types of crusts, and trust us, you have to try both.  They are equally good and deserve mouth time.  One crust, called the “pizzaccia,” or “High Pizza” is a crumbly yet soft and buttery focaccia type dough.  By the look of it, you’d think it would be doughy and stodgy but this could not be further from the truth.  It is as light as air.  The other crust is made with a sourdough that goes through a 72 hour fermenting process for each ball of pizza dough.  When it’s ready, they toss and flatten the balls out to a traditional thin circle, that bubbles up and crisps in the oven.

Happily, they sell all of their pizzas by the slice, as well as whole pies, so you can get a variety of crusts and toppings.  They also offer a small selection of craft beers by the bottle.  If you find yourself in the San Polo neighborhood near the Rialto, and need a pizza fix, this is your spot.  It’s a three minute walk from the Rialto Bridge.

Antico Forno
San Polo 973
Open Daily  11:30am – 9:30pm
Ph. +39 041 520 4110