• Do I have to purchase tickets in advance or can I just show up and pay cash?

    Yes, tickets must be purchased in advance. Tours often sell out so we suggest purchasing your tickets early to guarantee your desired tour day. You can buy your Venice Bites Food Tour tickets with Visa or MasterCard through EzTix.  Though you may see an American Express and/or Discover logo while checking out, unfortunately at this time EzTix does not accept those cards in Italy.  TOURS FILL UP FAST!  Just click Buy Tickets which will send you to EzTix button to check schedule and book your tour today.  Walk-up traffic the day of the tour is not allowed.  Cash is not accepted, even if they are crisp, shiny new bills.

    One important thing we suggest:  If you are staying in Venice for a few days, plan this food tour early in your trip.  It will most definitely benefit you in the remaining days you have in Venice!  You’ll get the feel of the city without the crowds, you’ll know how to recognize good establishments to eat at, and best of all, we will teach you to tell the difference between good gelato and bad gelato, just by looking at it!

  • How much walking does the tour involve? What is the pace like?

    The “Off The Eaten Path” Tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours and covers about 2 miles. While we will be on our feet most of the time, we will try to grab seating at tasting locations wherever we can. Just remember, this is a walking tour, so seating is not guaranteed. Most Italians stand while eating the foods that we will be sampling, so we’re keeping it authentic.  However, we are native Californians, so trust us, we are in no hurry to get anywhere.  We walk at a casual pace, stopping frequently at tasting locations and neighborhood sites.

    Regarding those with walking disabilities:  We’ve written this a couple of times throughout this website, but it bears repeating:  Venice is challenging because of the many foot bridges and cobblestone streets, so please be aware of this.  If special assistance is needed, we will make every effort to accommodate to the best of our abilities.  Please feel free to contact us at info@venicebitesfoodtours.com with any specific questions or concerns.

    And finally, it is imperative that you wear comfortable shoes.  Ladies, Maya loves her Fluevogs, but she leaves them at home for the walking tour.  Do the same.  You will be in absolute misery (not to mention in peril in some cases) if you wear heels.

  • What if I won't be eating on the tour; do I still have to buy a ticket?

    Yes, all participants must purchase a full-priced ticket in advance, even if they do not wish to participate in the food tastings.

  • I don't drink alcohol. Can I get a discount?

    While non-drinkers are absolutely welcome on the tour, we do not offer discounts for those who won’t be drinking alcohol.  However, at all establishments, there is always an alternative such as water, sodas, juices, coffee, tea, etc.

  • What types of food are served on the tour?

    On our tours, we seek out authentic Venetian foods, such as cicchetti, which can be anything from pieces of sliced Italian bread capped with endless types of toppings:  traditional baccala mantecato (dried cod whipped with olive oil and garlic until perfectly unctuous), or egg salad sprinkled with edible flowers, to plump, juicy deep fried meatballs.  We also will explore the world of tramezzini, which are crustless, white bread sandwiches, overstuffed with almost anything imaginable.  We’ll sample some fritto misto, another Venetian specialty, which is some of the freshest, deep-fried seafood (or vegetables) you’ll find anywhere.  We’ll take you to one of the oldest, original pasticcerias (pastry shop) with a unique treat that will tame even the most savage sweet tooth.

  • What is included in the tour?

    All food and drink tastings are included in the tour.  Also, along the way you’ll get to enjoy our sparkling personalities as we lead you through the maze that is Venice!

  • Does the tour end at the same place we started?

    The “Off The Eaten Path” Tour starts at the Accademia Bridge and end near the Rialto Bridge.  We will assist anyone who needs to find their way back home.

    The “Progressive Dinner through Cannaregio” begins and ends in the same place, by the Rialto Bridge.

  • If the tour date I want is sold out, is there a waiting list?

    We do not keep a waiting list, however, if you really want to attend on that particular day, email us at info@venicebitesfoodtours.com and we’ll see if we can work something out.

  • What is the weather like in Venice? How should I dress for the tour?

    Venice has a humid subtropical climate, with cool winters and very warm summers.

    The two best pieces of advice we can give are:

    1.  Check the current weather forecast.

    2.  Dress in layers, especially in winter.

    This is a very casual tour, so don’t attempt to get all gussied up.  Italians are still quite modest though, so dress with that in mind.  Generally, shorts in summer are just fine, just be mindful of the length.

  • What if I have dietary restrictions/allergies/am vegan/gluten-free/paleo, etc.

    We will be visiting authentic Venetian eateries and it is not feasible to ask the proprietors to accommodate each and every dietary restriction.  We can say with confidence that every stop will offer several options for those pursuing a vegetarian, lactose or gluten-free (non-Celiac) lifestyle, as long as cross-contamination is not an issue.

    Regarding allergies, we can accommodate those with shellfish allergies.

  • Are restrooms available along the tour?

    Yes, most of our tasting locations have restrooms available for customers.

  • Are cameras and picture-taking allowed on the tour?

    Yes, of course!  We highly encourage it and wouldn’t even mind if you shared your pictures on your favorite social media sites!

  • Are Gift Certificates available?

    Yes, Gift Certificates are available and make a great gift for family and friends. To purchase or learn more about our Gift Certificates, please call click on our Gift Certificates page.

  • Can I book a private group tour?

    Yes, Venice Bites can accommodate private group tours. Please visit the Private Group Tours page for more details.

  • Do you accept gratuities? Are they included in the ticket price?

    Gratuities are not included in the ticket price. While not mandatory, if you had a great time, tips are graciously accepted!  The standard gratuity in the industry is 15-20%.

  • How much food is served on the tour?

    With the combination of food and drink tasting on the “Off The Eaten Path” Tour, most participants are comfortably full after our food tours and find that lunch (and sometimes even dinner!) afterwards is not necessary.  The Progressive Dinner is equivalent to one hearty dinner.

  • Guest behavior

    Guests are expected to be respectful of others on the tour and of the proprietors.  Since there will be opportunities for drinking alcohol on this tour, obnoxious inebriation and/or inappropriate conduct will NOT be tolerated and if a guest continues to act in a disorderly, offensive way they will be asked to leave the tour and will NOT receive a refund.

  • Are children allowed on the tour?

    Anyone who is at least 14 years of age is allowed on the tours.  Please take note of this.  If someone in your group shows up under the age of 14 without prior permission from Adam and Maya, he/she will not be able to join the tour, and his/her money will not be refunded.

    In addition, out of the respect for other guests on the tour, infants/toddlers may not join the tour.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • What is your Cancellation Policy?

    We give refunds for cancellations up to 7 days before the scheduled tour.

    If you choose to purchase the optional Ticket Guardian, cancellations will be refunded 100% up to the start time of the tour.  Restrictions apply, please read about Ticket Guardian policies upon checkout.