About Venice Bites Food Tours

By visiting our local family-owned and operated businesses, our mission is to honor and celebrate their work and their perseverance in preserving what is left of the fabric of Venice, which is gravely endangered. We have a dual purpose: Yes, we want to get travelers “off the eaten path,” away from the tourist zones and help find great places to eat. But we also want to support the families who work tirelessly, day after day, to serve the city and the people they love. It is often a thankless job. We want to bring them recognition. We want to introduce travelers to their crafts, and hopefully, people will return and tell their friends. But most importantly, we want to help financially support them to help them stem the tide from the foreign investors and international chains that are plaguing our city. Every day we do a tour, it’s another day they can stay in business. We know that each and every meal counts, and with your help, we accomplish this together.

Our Team

Adam Stonecastle

Co-Founder and Omnivore, but don't get him near a beet.

Having always lived a “blue collar” life, Adam possesses an adventurous appetite. In his youth, he understood that this was due in large part to necessity — eat what’s in front of you, or go hungry. As he got older, however, that same sense of adventure took on a more curious aspect, constantly searching for dining experiences that were truly memorable. Having been born and raised in the vast melting pot that is Southern California, there has never been a shortage of ethnic restaurants to choose from, and meal possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination. After meeting his wife, Maya, and realizing a shared passion for all things culinary, food themed vacations became common. One fateful trip was to Venice, Italy, and for Adam, it was love at first bite. Add to that an immediate appreciation to the unique beauty, culture, and history that only Venice offers, it’s no wonder that he and Maya now call it home.


Maya Stonecastle

Co-Founder and also an Omnivore but don't even shake an anchovy at her.

Maya considers herself a foodie but dislikes the term, and has great affinity for everything from American Southern BBQ to global street food to fancy 10 course meals. She does love Coca-Cola more than wine but she’ll never turn down a shot of grappa. She was born in sunny Southern California, and moved to NYC when she was 23, where her globe-trekking and culinary expansion led her to discover there is far more in this world than she ever imagined. She fulfilled her lifelong dream when she moved to Venice, Italy, her great-grandparents’ homeland, with her husband Adam, their two dogs, Hambone and Cubby Petunia, and a fat, orange Maine Coon cat named Cornbread.  They have since lost Cubby and Cornbread, but now are being ruled by two Maine Coons, Butterstick and Guanciale.  Above all else, Maya cannot imagine a world without Kerrygold butter and Diamond kosher salt.